Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Deer Deer Rustic Gate card

There is a lot of hard work goes into preparing a card commissioned by a magazine. This month my Rustic Deer card appeared in the Docraft Creativity magazine (the magazine is really good with loads to try out and step by step instructions)
There is a lot of trial and error, preparation and experimenting before the final project is accepted so I just wanted to give you a little look at some of the tried but not used cards that fell by the wayside.

My first challenge was to make a body for the die cut stags head and then to add some detail (I had to add an eye. Nothing looks right without an eye lol)

and then the gate shape.
and of course the backgrounds but I had to use the little mushroom die in each one (well its so cute).
And then adding the greeting

Hope that gives you some idea of the amount of work that goes into each commission, but I will say I love the challenge. It makes me think and stretches my brain and crafting skills so if you ever get the chance to have a go, don't hesitate. You wont regret it.

You can see loads of wonderful inspiration from myself and the really creative Design Team over at Docrafts. xx